During the QA HiVETnet project several outputs have been/will be produced:

  • ‘European Guidelines on Quality Assurance in Higher VET’
    These guidelines have been produced on the basis of the national QA reports and on the cross-national comparison. They have been tested in several events in order to get feedback for their improvement and make them known among relevant stakeholders. The guidelines cover a definition of higher VET, the twelve quality features the partnership defined for higher VET qualifications, information on peer reviews for the implementation and improvement of QA mechanisms, as well as the ‘Declaration of Interest’ organisations will have to fill in to join the QA network. The guidelines will be available in English and in the languages of the project partners.
  • Draft version of the ‘European Guidelines’_DE_01.05.2017
    Draft version of the ‘European Guidelines’_EN_01.05.2017

  • ‘European Network on Quality Assurance in Higher VET’
    The QA network should guarantee the sustainability and further development of the QA guidelines and foster – in the long run – the development of a ‘Higher VET Area’, in which the guidelines are used. Institutions must declare their interest to cooperate in this network by filling in a respective document. This declaration covers the principles of cooperation as well as the expertise each network partner can bring into the network.
  • Declaration of Interest